Always know who is at the front door with CCTV

Always know who is at the front door with CCTV

Unsurprisingly home security always comes high on people’s lists of priorities, but what about unsolicited callers at the front door?

Alarms, locks and fences will go a long way to protecting our home from potential intruders but when it comes to visitors at the doorstep people can be left feeling vulnerable.

It is a sad fact of reality that unknown callers can have a very unsettling effect on some people, particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable.

Rogue callers, distraction thefts and break-ins do happen as a result of door knocks – and, while this is probably unlikely to happen to you, adding a layer of security can help to give you peace of mind.

Doorstep CCTV

CCTV cameras provide the perfect solution for homeowners wary of opening their front door.

By training a camera on the spot where visitors will stand to ring the doorbell, families can check via CCTV who is calling and make a decision on whether to open their door or not.

This serves a dual purpose as homeowners can also be alerted to callers to their home when they are away or at work with remote access giving them the ability to check up on who is at the door.

The stability and excellent picture quality of ‘bullet’ cameras makes them ideally suited to focusing on one spot and for providing images that allow callers to be easily recognised.

Homeowners who want more control or to focus on a wider area at the front of the house may choose a Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) instead, which allows an area to be scanned by the camera remotely – or for a particular area of the driveway or entrance to be focused on.

Feel safe with front door CCTV security

By having a clear picture of who is on the other side of the door homeowners can either answer the door with confidence, ask the purpose for the visit or, in the worst circumstances, raise the alarm.

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own homes, installing CCTV cameras that allow a clear picture of who is at the front door gives an extra level of security and reassurance.

Make sure you know who your next caller will be by installing front door CCTV security.

For advice on installing CCTV cameras at your home contact Rhino CCTV today.

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