Can installing CCTV have an impact on your home insurance?

Can installing CCTV have an impact on your home insurance?

The bottom line when it comes to domestic security and home insurance is that protecting your home as well as you can from burglary is the most important factor.

Making your home as safe as you possible will help to deter burglars and give you peace of mind – it could also help with the cost of home insurance.


How well is your home protected?

Home insurance premiums take into account how well a home is insured. As a general rule there is a baseline level of security that home insurers want to see in place.

Working locks on windows and doors are seen as an essential home security measure – and it is important that these locks are used. Failing to protect your home properly could affect any claim that is made in the event of a break-in.

Beyond that most simple level of home security insurers can choose to reduce premiums if there is a strong home security system in place that will reduce the likelihood of a burglary.

As household alarms have been commonplace for decades these are often included while a home insurer may also take into account automatic systems, panic buttons and CCTV.

Cut your chances of having to make a home insurance claim

Of course, the ideal situation is to avoid having to make a claim on your home insurance, and a robust and visible home security system will reduce your chances of being a victim of burglary.

The most recent statistics show that more than 250,000 homes were burgled in one year in the UK, which means strong home security should be a priority.

Cutting your chances of having to make a home insurance claim is certainly the best approach to home security. The more comprehensive your home security system is, the less likely it is that your home will be targeted by burglars.

Home CCTV is a strong and visible deterrent to would-be burglars, carrying the added threat of capturing any crimes on camera that could then be used as evidence. Strategically placed cameras can protect all doors and perimeter entrances to your property. Linked to home automation systems and mobile applications, you can be altered immediately should anything be amiss.

Along with a good locking system and house alarms, CCTV cameras complete a firm approach to home security that will give you peace of mind and should reduce your chances of having to make a claim on your home insurance.

Make your home a safe sanctuary

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