How CCTV became a homeowner’s best friend

How CCTV became a homeowner’s best friend

We work hard for our homes – yet still we need to protect them from people too willing to take what others have earned.

Burglar alarms were the top deterrent to criminals for years, but impressive leaps in technology have seen more homes turn to CCTV as a an extra layer of security.

Just as security forces, police and councils have made extensive use of CCTV cameras to drive down crime in anti-social hotspots and to protect other areas, homeowners have also invested in video technology to protect their homes.

Smaller and more affordable – the perfect combination

The main reason for the surge in popularity of CCTV as a domestic crime deterrent is the swift advances in technology that have made CCTV manageable and affordable.

Previously reliant on videotape, CCTV images can now be downloaded onto a hard-drive, meaning no need for vast areas of storage and smaller units. It can also be controlled remotely.

With the shift in technology so has the size and the price of CCTV reduced. This has made CCTV affordable for families but also small enough to be an unobtrusive addition to the home.

An excellent deterrent

And the great news is, it is working. CCTV is a good deterrent and could help to protect your home from the attentions of would-be burglars. It is also seen as a valuable resource by police should a crime by committed – in the case of a break-in or your property being damaged you could potentially have strong photographic evidence.

Indeed some police officers have encouraged homeowners to install CCTV to help in the fight against crime. Just as the public are warned that it is the perceived fear of crime that worries them, with criminal it is also clearly the perceived fear of getting caught that can help to stop them in their tracks.

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