Could this be the year you get a dog – consider getting a pet cam too to keep an eye on your puppy

Could this be the year you get a dog – consider getting a pet cam too to keep an eye on your puppy

Dogs can be a fantastic addition to a family home – but potential owners can be very wary of the potential for puppy destruction.

Rather than leaving it up to chance what your new pet gets up to as soon as the door is closed, installing a pet cam can flag up potential problems straight away.

Dogs can make a fantastic addition to a family home – they get you out for some exercise come rain or shine, they are supposed to be great stress-busters and they make great companions.


Look out for puppy destruction with a pet cam

But, as cute as they are, puppies can sometimes have an appetite for destruction. As countless dog owners can no doubt confirm, puppies love to test out those sharp little teeth by gnawing away at general household items.

Lucky families may find it is only the odd shoe, sock or toy that finds itself full of those tell-tale puncture marks.

However, wooden furniture and even sofas and beds can end up looking like, well, a dog’s dinner after a day at the jaws of an enthusiastic puppy set on exploring the home.

As many families do not have the luxury of someone being at home full-time there will no doubt be times when the puppy is left home alone.

Real-time check ups

A pet cam will allow owners to watch what their new dog gets up to throughout the day and to make changes to protect furniture should they need to.

As pet cam can also be remotely accessed it is possible to check up on your pet pooch in real-time to ensure that they are happy – and not tearing apart the sofa.

If you are close enough to nip home this feature could prove to be a real saviour.

Once those puppy days are past a pet cam will continue to give you a window into your dog’s life to check that they are happy and have all they need at hand when you need to leave them alone.

Don’t let the unknown put you off getting that puppy everyone wants, put yourself in the picture with a pet cam.

For more information on installing a pet cam at your home get in touch with Rhino CCTV.

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