Covert or overt – what’s your camera style?

Covert or overt – what’s your camera style?

What exactly do you want from your CCTV system? An overtly obvious set-up that acts as a deterrent or a super-subtle covert operation that lets you monitor the actions of people on your property?

Acting as an ‘invisible’ eye while you are away from your property, covert cameras can be disguised as everyday items.

Mounted inside casing that looks like a door bell, smoke alarm or thermostat these clever devices blend into the background all the while letting you keep an eye on things via a stream to your smart phone.

It all sounds a bit James Bond, but beware any thoughts of secret surveillance – hidden cameras are fine as long as they are used on your own property for personal reasons under the Data Protection Act 1998. Even just filming your driveway you may need to take steps to make sure you comply with the act.

For business though covert is definitely not king. If you choose to install CCTV to monitor a place of work these need to be obvious so employees and members of the public are aware that they are being recorded, otherwise you could be in breach of the act.

If using covert cameras, signs would need to be put up to alert visitors to the fact they are being filmed.

Why choose covert CCTV?

While many people choose to install CCTV at their homes to feel safer, but no-one wants their family to feel as though they are being watched. Also tech gadgets – as great as they are – don’t always work to compliment interior design. So if you don’t want to compromise on cosiness, covert CCTV is the way forward.

There also may times when more discreet surveillance is needed to keep customers at ease, or in situations where the visible presence of overt CCTV cameras may cause a distraction.

There is certainly an argument that the presence of conspicuous cameras can make people feel ill at ease in certain circumstances.

But for security with a subtle touch, covert cameras are a fantastic investment. With everything captured saved onto a hard drive, covert cameras will help you to keep control of your property when you are not there by always knowing what is going on, but without anyone necessarily knowing.

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