Don’t let the dark nights make you feel vulnerable – add CCTV security to your home

Don’t let the dark nights make you feel vulnerable – add CCTV security to your home

The clocks are going back to herald the start of the winter countdown but do darker nights really mean more crime?

Every year autumn sees reminders issued by police forces to double check home security as the nights draw in. Sadly this is with good reason as break-ins jump by at least 20 per cent during the colder, darker months.

The reason is obvious; more darkness means more chance to remain unseen while lurking in roads, driveways and gardens.

Criminals are opportunist and just as the summer months see violent crime rise with outdoor drinking, winter brings its own changes that unfortunately appeal to some criminals.

Don’t let winter burglary rates leave you feeling vulnerable

But just because the chances of becoming a victim of burglary increase in the winter that doesn’t mean that you have to feel vulnerable in your home.

Taking simple steps to reinforce your property’s security will give you peace of mind – and make it less attractive to potential thieves.

The obvious steps are to check the security of doors and windows by making sure they lock securely and are well fitted. Check your alarm is in good working order and that gates and garden fences are in decent condition.

Solid security will act as a good deterrent to any potential offenders eyeing up your property and hopefully send them on their way.

Send a strong message to potential burglars

It is in this capacity that a home CCTV security system really comes into its own. Not only does a visible CCTV system shout ‘I take my home security seriously’ it also provides an easy route to identification of any criminals.

Burglars caught on camera can be brought to the attention of the police immediately and, hopefully, will be admissible as evidence should the suspect in question be caught and questioned by police.

For many homeowners and their families the darker nights do bring a sense of vulnerability, purely down to the increased darkness and being unable to see into the garden properly – or even feeling ill at ease opening the front door alone.

We have the right not to feel vulnerable in our own homes. By adding lighting to dark corners and over doors, along with CCTV cameras that can zoom in on areas of concern homeowners should take comfort from the fact that any potential intruders will no longer be able to hide unseen.

To boost your home security with CCTV contact Rhino CCTV today.

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