How CCTV can help to catch out opportunist thieves

How CCTV can help to catch out opportunist thieves

A major impact of crime is the fear of crime – how much we are worried that we might be unfortunate enough to be targeted by burglars.

CCTV plays a major part in targeting and easing this fear of crime by providing a strong deterrent, helping to give families peace of mind that they have done as much as they can to make their homes secure.

As well as acting as a deterrent, home CCTV security can actually serve to give an insight into whether you should be worried about access to your home.

With the ability to go back over footage, this can sometimes offer an unexpected – and alarming turn – if you spot that an intruder has been on your property.

Unless it is a friend dropping in, a neighbour who is locked out, or a member of your own family, there is usually not a good reason for a stranger to be caught on CCTV in your back garden or driveway.

Catching out opportunist thieves with CCTV

Opportunist thieves and burglars strike when and where they can – this is why police always advise to keep valuables out of sight and downstairs doors and windows locked.

‘Trying door handles’ is an issue across the country, where would-be thieves walk along a road trying the handles of doors in the hope that they will find a door that has been left unlocked giving them easy access steal from inside.

Although simple, this act is enough to give law-abiding families a justified fear of crime – after all who wants to be confronted with a stranger pushing open their door?

It’s not just house doors that are tested by opportunist thieves, car doors are also easy prey – whether it is to steal the car or the contents inside.

CCTV cameras have caught acts such as these time and again, allowing homeowners to raise the alarm within their community.

Without the aid – and hindsight – of CCTV homeowners would remain in ignorant bliss that their home had ever even been in the sights of an opportunist thief.

In this way CCTV cameras can be seen to act as a form of high-tech community watch, allowing neighbours to share a genuine concern – and act to make sure that their property is sufficiently protected and locked up.

Often finding their way onto local social media groups – and onto news sites – these home CCTV insights show just how brazen some opportunist thieves can be as they walk down lengthy driveways to test doors.

By capturing opportunist thieves on camera, home CCTV helps to boost the awareness of security in your home – and the wider community.

Make sure you have eyes on your home all the time – and know exactly who has been on your property by installing home CCTV.

To find out the best CCTV solution for your property get in touch with Rhino CCTV.

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