How CCTV system installation can improve home security

How CCTV system installation can improve home security

Summer is a good time to reassess your home security provision as the hot days can accidentally provide opportunist criminals with an easy way in through open doors and windows.

If you have been considering upgrading your home security choosing a CCTV system installation will bring a number of benefits.

Home security is an issue throughout the year but winter and summer in particular prompt warnings from police to take extra care.

While the darker nights of winter can lead to an increase in crime due to criminals using the cover of darkness to target homes, summer brings different challenges.

Doors and windows left open throughout the evening can present temptation for opportunistic thieves to reach in and take valuables left in sight of the window.

Windows left open at night – either deliberately or accidentally – can also provide an easy entry for burglars while the increased use of outdoor areas means there is more chance of buildings such as sheds and garages being left unlocked and vulnerable.

Protecting against opportunist crime can be tricky – and the fear of crime should never stop you living life as you want to. We all have the right to feel safe in our homes and open our windows whenever we want to!

CCTV system installation

There are a number of ways that CCTV system installation can bring an added layer of security to your home. These include:

Acting as a deterrent

One of the major plus points of deciding on CCTV system installation in your home is that the chances of being caught on camera are enough to put thieves off. The more security your home has, the more reasons there are for a criminal not to try to break in.

Capturing evidence

In opting for CCTV system installation to boost security you are giving yourself the ability to record activity at your home, which means if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a break in or attempted break-in you will have evidence that can be handed to the police – or that will alert you to a potential weak point.

Allowing remote monitoring

Can’t remember if you left the shed open? Part of the CCTV system installation by a professional company is that they can set up the system so that you can watch your house from your smart phone wherever you are. If you are worried about your house being targeted, or are going away on holiday, this is a great way to keep tabs on what is going on at home.

Focus on outdoor areas

Outdoor storage areas can be particularly vulnerable to opportunist thieves and can often contain high value items such as power tools or bikes. As part of your CCTV system installation you can have cameras specifically directed towards sheds and garages to allow you to keep an eye on them – and check they have been locked up.

CCTV system installation is a good way to step up your security and help to give you better peace of mind in your home.

For advice on the best CCTV system installation for your home contact Rhino CCTV.

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