Keep your shop safe with CCTV security

Keep your shop safe with CCTV security

It is a sad fact of life that theft is a problem shops need to be equipped to deal with – and having CCTV security installed is an excellent way to help deter would-be offenders.

By the nature of the business shops need to be open to anyone and everyone.

Unfortunately this also leaves businesses open to opportunistic thieves, shoplifters and in the very worst circumstances violence.

It is important not only to protect the shop but, essentially, the people who work there.

While locking systems and panic buttons are good reactive methods to deal with potential offenders, CCTV presents a strong deterrent.

Make offenders think twice

Rather than deal with the consequences of a crime, CCTV will alert potential offenders to the fact they are on camera making them think twice before acting.

The effect of shop CCTV is dual purpose – in the first place acting to deter crime, but should an offence take place CCTV cameras will capture footage that can be used as evidence.

Strategically-placed cameras can be used to give excellent depth of coverage across the entire shop. In addition CCTV cameras can be trained on areas of vulnerability, such as doorways and the counter.

Using prominent signage to flag up the fact that CCTV is being used will further drive home the message to would-be criminals that they are being watched.

Spot sneaky shoplifters

Sneaky shoplifters are a real bane for hardworking shop owners, with repeat offenders often targeting the same store if their theft has gone undetected.

These actions can be hard to spot – and members of staff not trained in security may feel uncomfortable dealing with such actions. Analysing CCTV will help to identify offenders for the future and highlight any weaknesses in shop security.

CCTV cameras can also be used as a reassurance measure for staff working alone. Using remote access, shop owners can double check that all is ok, particularly on late night shifts. While if a worker has a particular concern this can be flagged up and checked to offer reassurance.

As a business owner you work too hard to let theft dent your profits. Make sure all aspects of your shop security are protected by installing CCTV to give yourself – and your staff – peace of mind.

For more advice on installing shop CCTV security contact Rhino.

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