Make the most of al fresco summer living with super garden security

Make the most of al fresco summer living with super garden security

Al fresco living is a wonderful thing and with a bit of luck the summer sun should allow us to make the most of the space we have outdoors.

In the right weather gardens and patios can be a fantastic addition to our living space and having the right equipment makes all the difference – but we need to be extra mindful of security.

Good garden equipment and furniture can come at a premium and when you have invested in something to improve your lifestyle that is worth protecting.

Play equipment can set families back hundreds of pounds, while plants themselves can cost a significant sum, not to mention garden ornaments.

Protect your investments

Then there is the garden furniture – whether you have splashed out on a traditional wooden bench, rattan set or want to kick back in a hanging chair these all come at a cost to you.

Fans of al fresco dining will spend hundreds of pounds on top barbecues, chimineas, fire pits and even garden pizza ovens.

Unlike household items, garden equipment does not benefit from being stowed away behind lock and key. As this is quite often impractical many homes rely on gates and fences to keep out unwanted intruders and keep their gardens secure.

There is another option though and that is CCTV. While not being able to add an extra layer of security through a locked door, homeowners can make their garden more secure by installing CCTV cameras to watch over their much-loved outdoor features and equipment.

Boost garden security with CCTV

Adding CCTV will boost garden security by providing a deterrent that will hopefully make any intruders think twice before entering. If a thief was to target your garden equipment, CCTV footage would also provide evidence.

With a variety of options available for household CCTV there is plenty of choice to make sure your gardens are kept under a watchful eye – even when you are away from the house yourself.

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are ideal for covering a large area and will allow you to cover your garden from one spot depending on the layout. Alternatively, bullet cameras provide focused, high quality images if you want to concentrate on one particular area or item – these even work at night.

Don’t let fears about theft disrupt your plans for outdoor living, invest in a CCTV system that will give you peace of mind and let you keep an eye on your garden security at all times of the day – wherever you are.

Contact Rhino CCTV today for more information on installing a CCTV system in your garden and protect your assets.

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