Stay in charge of security wherever you are with remote access CCTV

Stay in charge of security wherever you are with remote access CCTV

So near but so far away – that is usually a term of frustration but with remote access CCTV the phrase is a celebration of the convenience of security technology.

One worry when going abroad, or being away from home for a prolonged period of time, is protecting your assets.

Favourite bikes, cars, your home, or business property are all vulnerable when left unattended for a length of time.

CCTV, however, offers a fantastic ways to keep a close eye on your property wherever you may be in the world, allowing you to have peace of mind that all is ok at home.

Remote access CCTV is one of the great developments in security technology – and as that technology has developed it has become more affordable allowing more people to benefit.

How remote access CCTV works

When setting up a CCTV system at home, or at your commercial premises, it is important to identify which areas you want to be in direct view of the cameras. Whether that is items of particular value, access points, vulnerable spots or a combination of all those considerations.

This forms a good basis for what you will able to monitor when you choose to take a trip abroad. All you need to keep an eye on things from afar is a tablet or smartphone – and an internet connection.

Using a unique login and password you will be able to watch a live feed from your security camera, despite the fact that you may in reality be thousands of miles away.

If there is a particular area that you are concerned about that is too wide to be monitored by a fixed ‘bullet’ camera or that you may want to see in more detail than provided by a wide angle ‘eyeball’ camera; a pan, tilt and zoom camera will allow you greater control from a remote location.

Don’t miss a thing

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras (PTZ) allow you to change the direction of the camera or to sweep the area to get the complete picture. All of this is captured in high quality detail, meaning you shouldn’t miss a thing and can retain control of security while away from the premises.

Don’t let security concerns hold you back from booking that much needed break, instead invest in a CCTV system that will allow you remote access and let you stay in control wherever you are.

For more information about installing remote access CCTV contact Rhino CCTV.

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