Update the exterior of your home in the New Year – and make security a priority

Update the exterior of your home in the New Year – and make security a priority

The New Year often represents a clean slate – a time to make changes and get things done and this makes it a great opportunity to look at where you could make home improvements.

While resolutions are made and broken and socialising takes a decided downturn, planning out changes to your home can make for a constructive January.

We all have a room that could do with a lick of paint, but take the time beyond that to make changes that will enhance your home and your security.

Maybe starting from the outside in is a good way to progress. While thoughts don’t often turn to the exterior, in particular the garden, until the spring and summer the fine weather can often see best intentions way laid.

Make changes early to make the most of summer

Making a plan early in the year and setting the wheels in motion to make changes to the outside of your home means when you want to relax and get outdoors you can.

When making changes to the exterior of your home always think from a home security point of view, as well as aesthetically. Exterior work will focus on fencing, gates, garden maintenance, door and window repairs and garages/sheds.

Key security points to consider include:

  • Are fences in good condition?
  • Do the gates around the home lock?
  • Are all doors in full working order and sturdy?
  • Do windows lock and do they have any weak points?
  • If valuable items are being stored in a shed/ garage are they secure?
  • Are there areas of the garden that make you feel vulnerable?

Feeling secure in your own home is important for a good quality of life so spot any flaws and work out how to correct them – or take professional advice.

Upgrade your home security with CCTV

Replace broken fences and rusty locks on garden gates, fit padlocks to sheds and garages, consider replacing or repairing your front door if cracks are present and locate window keys or have new ones cut.

Consider thinning out bushes in the garden or rearranging plants and furniture to make the space more visible and perhaps add outdoor lighting.

Adding CCTV security is an excellent way to compliment a proactive approach to home security.

If dark spots in the garden leave you anxious or you are worried about the security of bikes and tools left in the garage, install a CCTV system to focus on those areas. This will act as a deterrent as well as allowing you to keep an eye on the area remotely.

CCTV cameras can be added to any part of the home that you would like to give added protection to, whether that is the driveway, front door or back garden.

Changes to the exterior of a property are more likely to stand the test of time when it comes to passing trends so starting from the outside in when making home alterations makes sense.

Increasing your sense of security by adding CCTV cameras will help to give your peace of mind, letting you relax and enjoy your home.

For information on installing a home CCTV security system get in touch with Rhino CCTV.

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