Your garage can be a treasure trove to thieves - protect it with CCTV

Your garage can be a treasure trove to thieves - protect it with CCTV

While we often go to great lengths to secure our home all too frequently the garage is overlooked.

Unfortunately failing to secure garages properly is a mistake that could prove costly. While protecting the home is a natural desire, and more importantly protecting the people within it, garages can be classed more as outbuildings and pushed down the priority ladder when it comes to security.

Yet really garages should be a security priority. Due to the external nature of garages thieves feel more confident approaching, checking out and ultimately breaking into them as they are far less likely to encounter a person than if they targeted a house.

Protect the valuable contents of your garage

Consider the contents of a garage – yes they are fully of heavy, often dirty tools, but many of these cost a lot of money and are easily sold on. Drills, lawn movers and specialist power tools all come with a hefty price tag.

Bicycles can be worth thousands of pounds, while even children’s bikes and scooters will set you back hundreds of pounds to replace.

Aside of the value of contents, garages often offer easy access to the home through internal doors that have been fitted for convenience. While it is recommended that these are strong and secure very often internal garage doors are standard interior fittings, making it very easy for a burglar to get into the house once they have made it into the garage.

Use CCTV to boost garage security

The argument to secure your garage as well as your home is compelling, but where should you start? Ensure doors and windows lock securely to begin with then consider enhancing your security with CCTV.

Focusing a CCTV camera on the garage door will allow you to keep an eye on any activity when you are not at home via remote viewing, it will also act as a strong deterrent to would-be burglars.

Further cameras could be added inside the garage and along the approach to capture images of any potential intruders and to act as a warning.

The garage is very often a gateway to the home and installing CCV will give you added peace of mind that all points of access have comprehensive security cover.

Don’t let opportunist thieves target your hard-earned property – protect your home inside and out with CCTV security.

For more information about adding CCTV security to your home get in touch with Rhino CCTV.

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