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  • 30.09.18

    Always know who is at the front door with CCTV

    Alarms, locks and fences will go a long way to protecting our home from potential intruders but when it comes to visitors at the doorstep people can be left feeling vulnerable. It is a sad fact of reality that unknown callers can have a very unsettling effect on some people, particularly those who are elderly… read more
  • 26.08.18

    Your garage can be a treasure trove to thieves – protect it with CCTV

    Unfortunately failing to secure garages properly is a mistake that could prove costly. While protecting the home is a natural desire, and more importantly protecting the people within it, garages can be classed more as outbuildings and pushed down the priority ladder when it comes to security. Yet really garages should be a security priority.… read more
  • 27.07.18

    Keep your shop safe with CCTV security

    By the nature of the business shops need to be open to anyone and everyone. Unfortunately this also leaves businesses open to opportunistic thieves, shoplifters and in the very worst circumstances violence. It is important not only to protect the shop but, essentially, the people who work there. While locking systems and panic buttons are… read more
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  • Miss Homer My dog is let all day alone, it makes me feel better knowing I can see if there are any issues. I love our new Pet Cam. read more
  • Jane Dawson I feel safer in my home knowing that I have CCTV. read more