CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

If you’re considering a CCTV system we can send an experienced engineer to your home or business who will carry out an assessment of the best way to protect your property. We don’t use salesmen to talk you into things you don’t need, the engineer we send you will look at your job from his perspective as a professional CCTV installer who takes pride in his work. Once we’ve seen what you need we’ll give you our most competitive quote and as long as you’re happy we’ll find a time that suits you for the same engineer to carry out the work.

A CCTV system normally comprises the following elements;

  • Cameras:- The number and type of cameras will vary depending on the type of job, the type of building and the objective of the customer. A small domestic CCTV system will normally rely on between 1 and 4 cameras whereas it would be quite normal for a commercial system to consist of 16 or more cameras.
  • Cable Network:- The cable network refers to the cabling which is run either in camera cable or Cat5 from each camera back to a central hub position.
  • Hub:- The hub is a central location where all the cables run back to and connect to some kind of storage device like a DVR or NVR box which stores your recorded images for a given length of time. It may also include a fixed monitor for easy viewing access.

When we come to install your customised CCTV system, we will start by planning the layout of the system. We will determine the best place to install cameras to maximise area coverage and minimise the length of cables needed. We will then mount the cameras on the walls and other fixtures, according to the plans, and then connect the cameras to your DVR or NVR with our secure cables. We will power up your system and ensure everything is working perfectly before we leave. With that, you’ll have the security you need. Best of all, we will work to ensure it all fits within your budget. Contact us to learn more and receive your own free quote within 24 hours.

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