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DVR/NVR boxes

DVR or NVR boxes are at the centre of any CCTV system. They store the recorded images from all of your cameras for you. They come in a range of sizes, the most common being 4, 8 or 16 channels which refers to the number of cameras you can connect to them. Normally your DVR box would be positioned in an out of the way location like a cupboard or by the fuse board.


We have experience installing both DVR and NVR systems, so the decision is yours. Basically, both NVR and DVRs do the same thing: they record and store the images the cameras capture. The main difference, however, is how they process the images. 

With a DVR system, the cameras will send the images to the DVR box, which converts them to digital files. It by definition has to be a wired system. It tends to be the cheaper option, but it also has less flexibility in terms of where cameras can be installed. DVR systems also usually have lower resolutions than NVR systems. The image resolution will be good enough for most purposes, however.

With an NVR system, the cameras will convert the images into digital files and then send the files to the NVR box. Because the cameras do the hard compression work, NVR systems can be wired, wireless or a combination of both. The system is usually more expensive, but the image resolution is outstanding. Because the cameras have computers inside them, they can also be outfitted with extra functionalities, like facial recognition and video analytics.

Both systems provide crucial security and indispensable evidence, should the worst happen. So whichever system is right for you, you can contact us below and get your free quote in just 24 hours. 

  • Record HD images from up to 16 cameras

  • Download recorded footage straight onto a memory stick via the USB port

  • Allows remote access and control from your mobile phone or tablet

  • Record motion only or continuous footage

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