Pet Cam

Pet Cam

As CCTV systems have become more affordable the number of uses for them has increased. One of the most popular new applications is the Pet Cam. If you’re a pet owner you’ll know about the stress caused by wondering if your pet is safe and happy while you’re at work. A Pet Cam allows you to log in to your account at the touch of a button and see for yourself. Although the majority of customers we’ve installed pet cams for have wanted them for dogs we’ve also installed them for cats, chickens. rabbits and even for a collection of really scary reptiles!

  • Safety. If your pet is hurt or in trouble and you are not at home a security camera will help you identify any problems as soon as they happen as well acting as security camera for burglars.

  • Solved mysteries. Which one of your dogs keeps chewing up your throw pillows? Who keeps snatching your shoes?

  • Curiosity. Find out what your beloved pets do all day whilst you are busy at work.

  • Peace of Mind. Leaving your pet at home all day is difficult especially when you give you "that look". Having a pet camera elevates that stress and allows you to check on them whenever you want.

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  • Miss Homer My dog is let all day alone, it makes me feel better knowing I can see if there are any issues. I love our new Pet Cam. read more
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