Are you concerned about crime near to your home or business – now could be the time to install CCTV

Are you concerned about crime near to your home or business – now could be the time to install CCTV

The fear of crime can have a huge impact on the way we view our safety – and the safety of our homes and businesses.

If there has been a crime committed near to your home or business it is natural that this will make you feel concerned about your own security. 

In a city such as London concerns about the fear of crime can often be an issue affecting neighbourhoods and communities across the capital. 

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An important factor in addressing the fear of crime is taking steps to boost your security rather than allow a climate of fear affect your standard of life. 

If you feel that that there are genuine gaps in the security of your London home or business – and have a renewed fear of crime due to an incident taking place, or even just as a result of the darker nights, take action. 

Boosting your security will help to give you peace of mind in relation to your own security and that of your London home or business. 

Boost security with CCTV, London

Statistics have shown a rise in certain crimes across London in the last few years and with headlines sometimes dominated by violent crime in London and beyond it is natural to worry about safety. 

While there is general advice that can help you to protect yourself and your home or business, adding CCTV to your London premises can also help. 

Installing CCTV at your London property works on a two-fold level offering to help protect your home or business when you are not there – and giving you peace of mind when you are present. 

If being alone at home worries you, or you run a business and are worried about members of staff working late or alone in London, CCTV can provide the insight that you need. 

If a worker is alone and wants to check if there is anyone outside, for example, they will be able to use the CCTV system to do this. 

The same applies to people seeking reassurance in their home. If they are concerned that they have heard a noise in the garden for example they can view the feed from a Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera to sweep across the area. 

Remote access CCTV, London

The boss of a business will also be able to check in on staff to make sure that they are safe when working in vulnerable conditions, such as late at night or on their own.

Through the use of remote access, CCTV fitted at London homes and businesses can be viewed from wherever you are. If you are out for the night or on holiday you can still check that your home is secure, while business owners can check the property is safe out of hours. 

By effectively acting as a second pair of eyes, CCTV in London offers reassurance. The prospect of being caught on camera also acts as a strong deterrent to any would-be criminals, with the potential that should you be unlucky enough for a crime to occur it will be caught on camera and could be used as evidence.

To discuss adding CCTV to your London home or business please contact Rhino CCTV.

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