CCTV Surveillance
  • 02.04.20

    How many CCTV cameras are there in London and the UK?

    With a population of around 9,300, 000 that makes the chances of getting caught on camera in the capital pretty high. In fact, that means there is one camera for every 18 people. The exact number of CCTV cameras on the streets of London and across the UK is difficult to pinpoint as official records… read more
  • 22.12.19

    Give yourself the gift of home security

    With the Christmas lights up and your house filled with presents, the dark nights of December can easily make you feel vulnerable.  Rather than let concerns about just how safe your property is worry you, find out how home CCTV installation could help to boost your security. The installation of home CCTV will work in… read more
  • 30.10.19

    Why it makes sense to choose home CCTV installers over DIY security

    Unless you are lucky enough to have a trained CCTV installer living with you trying to fit – and source – a home CCTV system can be tricky. More importantly it may result in a less efficient security system and as you will be installing home CCTV to give you peace of mind this is not… read more
  • 29.09.19

    CCTV installation London: How to boost your home security

    Even on residential streets, cities generally see larger numbers of visitors and vehicles passing through, often just through the sheer size of the population. After all with more than 8 million people living in London the potential for crime will rise beyond that of a town with 30,000 people.  From the point of view of… read more
  • 27.08.19

    How CCTV system installation can improve home security

    If you have been considering upgrading your home security choosing a CCTV system installation will bring a number of benefits. Home security is an issue throughout the year but winter and summer in particular prompt warnings from police to take extra care. While the darker nights of winter can lead to an increase in crime… read more
  • 16.07.19

    How to choose a CCTV fitter in London

    Trusting that work to your home is of the highest standards matters whatever you are having done – whether it is a new bathroom, rewiring or having an extension built. This need for absolute trust is particularly important when it comes to improving home security. Often home security systems are added from a place of… read more
  • 27.06.19

    Home CCTV installation – what is involved?

    CCTV cameras are an excellent way to gain peace of mind about your safety and that of your home through the ability to monitor areas of your home no matter where you are. When deciding to add home CCTV installation the first step is decide what you want to achieve. Do you want to focus… read more
  • 26.05.19

    How CCTV can help to catch out opportunist thieves

    CCTV plays a major part in targeting and easing this fear of crime by providing a strong deterrent, helping to give families peace of mind that they have done as much as they can to make their homes secure. As well as acting as a deterrent, home CCTV security can actually serve to give an… read more
  • 20.04.19

    Can installing CCTV have an impact on your home insurance?

    Making your home as safe as you possible will help to deter burglars and give you peace of mind – it could also help with the cost of home insurance. How well is your home protected? Home insurance premiums take into account how well a home is insured. As a general rule there is a… read more
  • 31.03.19

    Updating your garden this spring? Remember to add outdoor security

    Gardens can be a security weak spot so a spring make-over makes an ideal chance to build in some security features. If you are relaying paths, replacing fences and landscaping the garden to transform the outside of your home treat this as a blank canvas to consider how to maximise security in all areas. Even… read more
  • 27.02.19

    Keep watch for high-tech car thieves with home CCTV

    Car alarms are a good way to alert owners to a possible attempt to try to break into their car, but like house alarms, the frequency of false alarms is an issue. High winds, heavy rain, windows left open, even heavy traffic passing can set a car alarm off. As such it makes a secondary… read more
  • 30.09.18

    Always know who is at the front door with CCTV

    Alarms, locks and fences will go a long way to protecting our home from potential intruders but when it comes to visitors at the doorstep people can be left feeling vulnerable. It is a sad fact of reality that unknown callers can have a very unsettling effect on some people, particularly those who are elderly… read more
  • 26.08.18

    Your garage can be a treasure trove to thieves – protect it with CCTV

    Unfortunately failing to secure garages properly is a mistake that could prove costly. While protecting the home is a natural desire, and more importantly protecting the people within it, garages can be classed more as outbuildings and pushed down the priority ladder when it comes to security. Yet really garages should be a security priority.… read more
  • 27.07.18

    Keep your shop safe with CCTV security

    By the nature of the business shops need to be open to anyone and everyone. Unfortunately this also leaves businesses open to opportunistic thieves, shoplifters and in the very worst circumstances violence. It is important not only to protect the shop but, essentially, the people who work there. While locking systems and panic buttons are… read more
  • 22.06.18

    Keep your investment safe – install CCTV to protect your pub

    When pubs and bars are heaving with customers it is great for business, but it also makes it harder for busy staff to keep an eye on who has paid and how customers are behaving. Installing CCTV is the best way to add an extra, hyper vigilant pair of eyes to a pub business to… read more
  • 27.05.18

    Make the most of al fresco summer living with super garden security

    In the right weather gardens and patios can be a fantastic addition to our living space and having the right equipment makes all the difference – but we need to be extra mindful of security. Good garden equipment and furniture can come at a premium and when you have invested in something to improve your… read more
  • 27.04.18

    Stay in charge of security wherever you are with remote access CCTV

    One worry when going abroad, or being away from home for a prolonged period of time, is protecting your assets. Favourite bikes, cars, your home, or business property are all vulnerable when left unattended for a length of time. CCTV, however, offers a fantastic ways to keep a close eye on your property wherever you… read more
  • 19.03.18

    Improve the security of your caravan using CCTV

    However, the transportable luxury that makes caravans so popular unfortunately also makes them a target for thieves. Storage of caravans is a major factor for owners, who have a choice of storing them at specialist facilities, at farms, or at home – if that is a possibility. It is not just size that is an… read more
  • 22.02.18

    Show your home some love with an added layer of security

    As a general rule we love our homes – who wouldn’t? But do we do enough to protect our beloved properties? A lot of work, money and time go into creating a home environment that makes us happy and welcomes us at the end of the working day. While we spend time routinely upgrading the… read more
  • 20.12.17

    Make sure your business is secure this Christmas

    The Christmas break is often the only time of year that a business shut up shop for longer than a couple of days and it is vitally important to make sure security is up to scratch.   Keeping your business secure over the Christmas break No doubt work will be super busy as staff rush… read more
  • 16.11.17

    Protecting your property – what you need to know about public perimeters

    Installing CCTV cameras to cover the perimeters of your property is the most efficient way of protecting your property – and of catching intruders or offenders. However, it is of utmost importance that anyone installing CCTV on the perimeters of their property follows the law. Rightly so, strict data protection laws are in place to… read more
  • 17.10.17

    Don’t be kept in the dark as the nights draw in

    The arrival of autumn can be a good time to review your home security and to see if any updates or additions will help to make your house more secure against unwanted intruders. Peace of mind is also of huge importance at this time of year as many people find coming home in the dark… read more
  • 12.09.17

    How CCTV became a homeowner’s best friend

    Burglar alarms were the top deterrent to criminals for years, but impressive leaps in technology have seen more homes turn to CCTV as a an extra layer of security. Just as security forces, police and councils have made extensive use of CCTV cameras to drive down crime in anti-social hotspots and to protect other areas,… read more
  • 21.08.17

    Covert or overt – what’s your camera style?

    Acting as an ‘invisible’ eye while you are away from your property, covert cameras can be disguised as everyday items. Mounted inside casing that looks like a door bell, smoke alarm or thermostat these clever devices blend into the background all the while letting you keep an eye on things via a stream to your… read more
  • 30.05.17

    Keep concerns on a leash with Pet Cam

    While the ideal solution is that furry domestic friends really like napping for eight hours a day, the reality is quite possibly different. Anyone who has seen The Secret Life of Pets knows there are an awful lot of adventures awaiting moggies and pups left to their own devices. On a more day-to-day basis though… read more
  • 03.05.17

    Are you a “Must-see Nanny McPhee” kind of Parent?

    You’ve worked hard to build a safe sanctuary that you can call a home. Your comfortable abode is a place of happiness, relaxation and enjoyment for family and friends and there are many reasons why you will want to protect your private residence. And that may include internal surveillance for workers within your home. read more
  • 28.02.17

    CCTV – Does it work?

    We live in a country with over 5.9 million cameras in a city where we’re captured on film 300 times a day. But the big question is do cameras work? Critics claim the overall impact is insignificant, but other parties such as Lord Falconer of the Home Office insist that cameras have a hugely significant… read more
  • 01.10.16

    Responsible camera use or CCTV considerations

    While the advantages of CCTV cameras on your home are obvious, there are many other implications that you may not have considered. Where you position your cameras, where they point and how you store the data collected from them could all have knock on effects you haven’t thought about, or could even land in you… read more
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