Don’t be kept in the dark as the nights draw in

Don’t be kept in the dark as the nights draw in

The nights are drawing in and the ghosts and ghouls will be back on the streets trick or treating for Halloween. But don’t let your home fall victim to the wrong sort of ghoulish visitor as the darker nights provide extra cover for ill-intentioned thieves.

The arrival of autumn can be a good time to review your home security and to see if any updates or additions will help to make your house more secure against unwanted intruders.

Peace of mind is also of huge importance at this time of year as many people find coming home in the dark makes them nervous.

Prime time for thieves to strike

Concern about the effects of darker nights on security is not unfounded either, domestic burglaries rise by a quarter from autumn and through winter.

While many homes are already fitted with alarms, an additional level of security to introduce is CCTV.  Discreet cameras can be fitted inside your home as a deterrent and, in the event that you are unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in, a source of evidence.

Smartphone technology allows homeowners to access their CCTV feed when away from the house so they can always keep an eye on things – particularly if there is something that is causing concern.

A major plus point with CCTV is its role in acting as a strong deterrent. Thieves certainly don’t want to be caught on camera, and it is worth making sure that any intruders would be well aware of the fact they are being watched.

Fitting a more obvious external camera is a good visible deterrent. Focused on your back garden or garage it will help to ward off thieves intent on breaking into sheds or garages.

Invest in CCTV as a deterrent

A Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Camera will enable greater coverage of an outside area and allows the users to change direction and ‘sweep’ an area, using either their smart phone or an operating unit.

The ability to remotely check an outside area is ideal for people who may feel vulnerable at home alone, allowing them to look around the area without going outside – or call a loved one and ask them to double check if they have also access to the CCTV system.

Don’t be kept in the dark as the nights draw in, use CCTV to see the full picture. Contact Rhino today for information about installing CCTV at your home.

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