Improve the security of your caravan using CCTV

Improve the security of your caravan using CCTV

With the rise in popularity of the ‘staycation’ caravan holidays in Britain are more popular than ever with families splashing out on luxury accommodation on the go.

However, the transportable luxury that makes caravans so popular unfortunately also makes them a target for thieves.

Storage of caravans is a major factor for owners, who have a choice of storing them at specialist facilities, at farms, or at home – if that is a possibility.

It is not just size that is an issue when it comes to storage but also security. When making an investment in a caravan it is worth making a further investment in security to protect it.

CCTV:  Add a deterrent

The two main factors to consider are light and CCTV when it comes to caravan security – the main reason being that both act as a major deterrent.

If storing a caravan at home, although your options will no doubt be limited, give some thought to the safest spot. Choose a space that would be difficult for thieves to target and is easy for you to contain – rather than parking it directly on the driveway where it could be more susceptible to theft.

You then need to give consideration to how to increase the security of your caravan.

CCTV is ideal when it comes to caravan security as it not only offers a strong deterrent, it could also serve as evidence in the event of the caravan being targeted by thieves.

A CCTV camera can be trained directly onto the caravan or pan tilt and zoom cameras could be installed to sweep around the storage area.

Security lighting that is activated by movement will act as a further deterrent and if possible use a barrier, such as a gate to make access to the caravan more difficult.

Likewise when choosing where to store your caravan away from home double check the facility’s security. If they are charging you to look after your caravan they should have security in place – ideally this will incorporate CCTV cameras.

For more information about installing CCTV to help protect your caravan contact Rhino CCTV.

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