Keep watch for high-tech car thieves with home CCTV

Keep watch for high-tech car thieves with home CCTV

Investing in a new car is probably your largest expense outside of your mortgage so make sure it is as secure as possible by installing home CCTV.

Car alarms are a good way to alert owners to a possible attempt to try to break into their car, but like house alarms, the frequency of false alarms is an issue.

High winds, heavy rain, windows left open, even heavy traffic passing can set a car alarm off. As such it makes a secondary level of security a wise move to protect your investment.

Lately a new concern for car owners has been a rise in reports of the theft of cars with keyless entry and ignition, where thieves have used technology to break into and steal cars from driveways.

The rise of keyless car theft

This is difficult to protect against and even detect. Thieves have been known to use jammers on car parks, stopping cars from locking when visitors believe they have done just that, leaving them open for thieves to jump into.

This same technology can also be used to target cars parked at home. Once thieves have access to the car they can programme a key quickly and take the car with no signs of forced entry.

This poses problems from an insurance point of view as it can appear that the car was left unlocked.

Use home CCTV to watch out for relay car theft

Relay car theft is another similar problem where thieves use a device to hack the signal from keys inside the home to open, start and steal a car from the driveway.

This new level of high-tech car crime is difficult to protect against and installing a secondary level of security is advised.

Away from home that could be using a physical security device such as a steering lock, while at home adding CCTV to focus on the area where the car is parked will provide an added deterrent.

The majority of cars are parked in driveways and, as such, can be easily covered by CCTV cameras.

Use remote access CCTV to check on your car

Home CCTV cameras can either be focused directly on a particular spot – such as the car – or can scan across an area to give wider coverage. There is also the ability to zoom in to give a sharper focus to identity potential offenders.

With remote access to home CCTV images, car owners can check on their cars if they are away from home, which is ideal is a neighbour alerts you to any signs of suspicious activity, or if the alarm is triggered.

Making car theft more difficult, or adding CCTV that could help to identify them will help to deter opportunist car crooks. Don’t make life easy for car thieves, take all the steps you can to protect your investment

To find out more about installing home CCTV to help protect your car contact Rhino CCTV.

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