Keep your investment safe – install CCTV to protect your pub

Keep your investment safe – install CCTV to protect your pub

This is the time of year when pub gardens enjoy a welcome surge in popularity – but with increased footfall the need for a good security system is more apparent.

When pubs and bars are heaving with customers it is great for business, but it also makes it harder for busy staff to keep an eye on who has paid and how customers are behaving.

Installing CCTV is the best way to add an extra, hyper vigilant pair of eyes to a pub business to help ensure the smooth running of a busy food and drink business.

How installing CCTV can help to protect your pub

A good CCTV security system will bring a number of benefits to a pub or bar. In an environment where alcohol is being consumed there is a demand to ensure standards of behaviour are met on your premises.

While door staff are often deployed to keep an eye on drinkers, CCTV is an ideal back up for them in case of a dispute and will also help to cover areas of the pub that are out of their line of sight.

In the unfortunate event that an altercation should occur, CCTV footage will provide evidence – and protection for the bar or pub.

Protecting your property

As pubs and bars attract a wide variety of visitors, and can become very busy, CCTV cameras will allow you to keep an eye on your property. As with all businesses it is wise to take steps to protect your property against theft or damage.

After spending thousands of pounds refitting and upgrading a venue the last thing a pub or bar owner wants is to see their property damaged either maliciously or unintentionally. CCTV cameras trained on the more vulnerable areas of the premises will pick up any unwanted behaviour and acts of vandalism – while flagging up the use of CCTV will also act as a deterrent to anyone set on causing trouble.

Adding CCTV to pub gardens

The investment in furniture and fittings obviously also extends outside with some pubs and bars offering spectacular al fresco facilities and play areas. Again this is at your own considerable expense. The last thing you want to see if this being damaged by a visitor – or targeted by an intruder.

Erecting visible CCTV in external areas of the pub and bar that are trained on the outside eating and drinking area will act as a strong deterrent – and will offer evidence in the event of your premises being targeted by an offender. Just remember to make it absolutely clear to customers that CCTV is in use.

For more information on installing CCTV in your pub or bar get in touch with Rhino CCTV.

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