Make sure your business is secure this Christmas

Make sure your business is secure this Christmas

For many firms and their workers Christmas signals a time for some well-earned rest and a prolonged shutdown – but be sure to make sure your business is protected from opportunist criminals.

The Christmas break is often the only time of year that a business shut up shop for longer than a couple of days and it is vitally important to make sure security is up to scratch.


Keeping your business secure over the Christmas break

No doubt work will be super busy as staff rush to meet deadlines ahead of the festive break, but despite this it is important to make the time to give your security needs and provisions a thorough check ahead of closing.

Establish who will need to access the building and when so you have a clear idea of when it will be empty – this will make spotting any potential breaches easier.

Also check:

  • Alarms are in good working order;
  • CCTV cameras are working and focused on the correct area;
  • Windows are locked and secure;
  • Doors are not in need of any repairs;
  • Any external gates close and lock properly.

Keep an eye on things with remote access CCTV

It is also important to check that remote feeds from CCTV camera systems are set up and working properly as this will be the best way to keep an eye on your commercial property from afar.

Likewise if you have a security company or senior member of staff monitoring the building for you make sure in advance that they have access to the live feed.

Focus on deterring any would-be criminals by making a virtue of your onsite security – in particular CCTV – by ensuring warning signs are visible from all external aspects of the property.

If your business is staying open over Christmas it could be that you are operating with a skeleton staff. In businesses that deal with cash in particular members of staff working alone can be left feeling vulnerable.

Make sure that you have a back-up system, such as a panic button, and use CCTV to help make them feel secure – just remember to make staff aware that cameras are in operation.

When it comes to locking up time, double check every exit is secure, and make sure any potential offenders are well aware they will be caught on CCTV with prominent warning signs.

The right security systems will give you peace of mind that your premises are as secure as possible over the Christmas break, while you focus on enjoying the holiday.

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