Updating your garden this spring? Remember to add outdoor security

Updating your garden this spring? Remember to add outdoor security

Spring may herald a new start for your garden as the summer beckons but when planning a garden renovation remember to update your outdoor security.

Gardens can be a security weak spot so a spring make-over makes an ideal chance to build in some security features.

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If you are relaying paths, replacing fences and landscaping the garden to transform the outside of your home treat this as a blank canvas to consider how to maximise security in all areas.

Even if you are just thinning out trees and bushes, and generally tidying up the area, it is a good opportunity to think of any vulnerable security spots in the garden and take action.

The two key security components that will bring greater visibility, and peace of mind to you, are lighting and garden CCTV cameras.

Add garden CCTV to boost visibility

Garden CCTV cameras can be installed to focus directly on to a spot that you feel is vulnerable, or on an expensive piece of equipment or furniture.

This could be complemented by a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera that can be set up to scan the garden or even be controlled by an app allowing you to shift focus remotely.

Discreet garden CCTV could also be added as a feature with covert cameras available in different designs, such as rocks, that allow them to be camouflaged by their surroundings.

Garden CCTV acts as an excellent deterrent to any would-be intruders and will capture good quality evidence should it be needed.

Shine a light on dark areas

In addition to garden CCTV, the design and structure of the outside of your home can improve outdoor security.

Lighting is a big part of security and with developments in outdoor lighting technology there is now a good choice of design-led lighting that can light up your garden to cancel out vulnerable dark spots.

Sensor-lighting, built-in up and down lights and path lights will all help you to feel safer in the garden and your home, and will really enhance your garden.

Don’t give intruders easy access to your garden

When considering the layout of the garden take the time to consider how this affects security. In particular:

  • Are large hedges and tall tress providing a hiding place? If so consider thinning out, adding light or directing garden CCTV to cover the area.
  • Are access points secure? Make sure gates have solid locks that are used.
  • Are fences easy to climb over? Don’t position furniture, bins or storage in such a way that they would make it easier to climb over a fence. Consider adding pots and climbing plants that make climbing over the fence difficult.
  • Make sure sheds are secure and tools are locked away
  • Consider gravel pathways to maximise the noise of someone approaching the house.

Good security always begins outside the home so make sure you feel secure by adding security such as garden CCTV when planning outdoor renovations.

To find the best garden CCTV solutions for your home contact Rhino CCTV.

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